About Our Company

1. Are products made fresh?
2. How is your Popcorn made?
3. How is your Cotton Candy made?
4. What type of kernel do we use?
5. Are our products peanut free?
6. Where do we deliver?
7. What area do we ship to?
8. Can we customize boxes?
9. Can we choose colours?
10. How long in advance is needed to place an order?
11. Does branding cost extra?
12. How long does Cotton Candy last?

13. How long does Popcorn last?
14. What is the ingredient for your Popcorn?
15. What is the ingredient for your Cotton Candy?
16. For receptions and large quantities how long in advance do we need to book?
17. Do we require a deposit?18. How can I make a payment?
19. What happens if I cancel an order?
20. Why order with yummy Fiesta Shop?
21. Do you offer corporate services?
22. Can Yummy Fiesta Shop come to our event?
23. Can I choose my flavours?
24. Can I pick up my order? Where is the pickup location? 


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